About Pages of Yesterday:                                                                                                                           02-08-2019


I am pleased to announce the release of a new album done in collaboration with my friend Dory Rebekah Ford. The album is a showcase of some really good music, but it is also a tribute to a very special friendship with Dory's daddy, Jimmy Ford. 

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    01 Intro (Cats Meow)

    02  Grove Oklahoma

    03 Pages of Yesterday

    04 I'm Gonna Drive

    05   Ain't no More Cowboys 

   06  You Know Your Love Has Gone Wrong

   07  My Woman Poured My Whiskey Down the Sink

   08  Set your Cup on the Table

   09   A Waltz for Yesterday 

    11  Your Are my Friend

     12  Where Dreams Are Eternal

   13  The Good Times Have All Come and Gone

   14  Tomorrow

   15  Darkness

   16  The Robbers

 About Mandolin Magic:
 October 2, 2017

In 2007 I was sick with cancer, and I didn't even know if I would live long enough to play music again.  As I sat in the treatment room one day hooked up to the IV,  I decided I wanted to do an album with my long time friends that would feature the Jazz Mandolin.

It is with pride and humility that we present this collection, and our sincere hope is that it will bring listening pleasure as great as the fun we all had making it.

Paul Moore

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 Mandolin Magic CD Preview

  1. Twelfth Street Rag

    2. The Nearness of You

    3. Little Axe

   4. Laura

     5. Oh, Lady Be Good!

     6. Mandolin Magic

     7. It's All in the Game

     8. A Waltz for Yesterday

     9. Tangerine

     10. Canadian Sunset

     11. Paul's Boogie

     12. Old Cape Cod

     13. Jersey Bounce

     14. The Way You Look Tonight

     15. September Rain


Central Standard Time CD Preview

    1.  Introduction

    2.  I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 

    3.  Secret Love

4.  Bill Bailey

    5. Deep Purple
    6.   Kansas City Kitty   
7.  Tenderly

    8.  CST Blues

     9.  Moonlight In Vermont

   10.  Up A Lazy River

   11.  I'm Confessin'

   12.  I"m In The Mood For Love

   13.  Moon Glow

   14.  Charmaine
   15.  Autumn Leaves


Central Standard Time

It takes time for songs to demonstrate long term, enduring appeal.  The pieces selected for this album are among my favorites.  Listeners will recognize many of the tunes. However, since most of these songs have long since dropped off the popular music charts, this maybe a first acquaintance for some.  To be sure there will be something new for everyone, we’ve used one original blues tune.  Even as new music evolves, it is intimately connected to its roots in the essential standards of the previous era.  As you listen to this music, the recording musicians hope you will agree…it’s always a good time for a standard.

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